Use of RePEc data

You are free to do whatever you want with this data collected on the archives that are described here, provided that:

  1. You do not charge for it or include it in a service or product that is not free of charge.

  2. When displaying the contents of a template (or part of a template) the following fields must be shown if they are present in the template: Title, Author-Name, File-Restriction. If there is a Restriction field in the series or archive template this should be shown if there is no File-Restriction field.

  3. You must participate in RePEc by maintaining an archive that actively contributes material to RePEc.

  4. You do not contravene any copyright statement found in any of the participating archives.

  5. You attribute RePEc as the source of the data: for example, by adding a statement that the data are obtained from RePEc and linking to wherever RePEc data are displayed.

12 June 2001
The RePEc team