Recent SSC Stata modules

SSC Stata modules
created or revised 2018-02-17 to 2018-03-17

DAG module to provide utilities for directed acyclic graphs
Authors: Chunsen Wu Req: Stata version 13.1
Created: 2018-03-11

ASDOC module to create high-quality tables in MS Word from Stata output
Authors: Attaullah Shah Req: Stata version 11
Created: 2018-03-11

XTPDYN module to estimate dynamic random effects probit model with unobserved heterogeneity
Authors: Raffaele Grotti Giorgio Cutuli Req: Stata version 11
Created: 2018-03-03

PUTDOCXFREQTABLE module to produce frequency oneway tables with putdocx
Authors: Jan Brogger Req: Stata version 15.1
Created: 2018-03-03

ICIO module for the analysis of Inter-Country Input-Output tables
Authors: Federico Belotti Alessandro Borin Michele Mancini Req: Stata version 11
Created: 2018-02-18

LASSOPACK module for lasso, square-root lasso, elastic net, ridge, adaptive lasso estimation and cross-validation
Authors: Achim Ahrens Christian B. Hansen Mark E Schaffer Req: Stata version 13.1
Revised: 2018-02-24

SMCLPRES module to create a SMCL presentation from a do file
Authors: Maarten L. Buis Req: Stata version 8
Revised: 2018-03-03

MULTISTATE module to perform multi-state survival analysis
Authors: Michael J. Crowther Paul Lambert Req: Stata version 14.2
Revised: 2018-03-02

OPENCAGEGEO module for forward and reverse geocoding using the OpenCage Geocoder API
Authors: Lars Zeigermann Req: Stata version 12.1, insheetjson and libjson (q.v.) from SSC
Revised: 2018-02-24

BOOTTEST module to provide fast execution of the wild bootstrap with null imposed
Authors: David Roodman Req: Stata version 11.2
Revised: 2018-02-18

CEQ module to carry out Commitment to Equity (CEQ) fiscal incidence analysis
Authors: Sean Higgins Rodrigo Aranda Ruoxi Li Req: Stata version 13
Revised: 2018-03-02

IVREG2H module to perform instrumental variables estimation using heteroskedasticity-based instruments
Authors: Christopher F Baum Mark E Schaffer Req: Stata version 9 and ivreg2, ranktest from SSC
Revised: 2018-02-18

GROUPS module to list group frequencies
Authors: Nicholas J. Cox Req: Stata version 8.0
Revised: 2018-02-24
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