Recent SSC Stata modules

SSC Stata modules
created or revised 2018-06-17 to 2018-07-17

TRACKOBS module to keep a record of the number of observations in the current dataset.
Authors: Daniel Klein Req: Stata version 11.2
Created: 2018-07-15

MEDSURV module to calculate the median survival time after Cox/Poisson regression
Authors: Chao Wang Req: Stata version 13.1
Created: 2018-07-15

STOP module to interrupt dofiles intelligently (closes logfiles and optionally sends a message to your smartphone)
Authors: Jesse Wursten Req: Stata version 8
Created: 2018-06-30

WELCOM module for simulating distributional impacts of changes in competition (WELCOM)
Authors: Abdelkrim Araar Eduardo Malasquez Sergio Olivieri Carlos Rodriguez Castelan Req: Stata version 11
Created: 2018-06-26

OVERDISP module to detect overdispersion in count-data models using Stata
Authors: Luiz Paulo Fávero PatrÌcia Belfiore Req: Stata version 15
Created: 2018-06-19

SAMPSI_GEHAN module to give the parameters of the single stage Gehan design
Authors: Adrian Mander Req: Stata version 15
Revised: 2018-07-08

SUMMTAB module to compute summary statistics overall and/or across levels of a categorical variable
Authors: John A. Gallis Req: Stata version 15
Revised: 2018-07-15

DAG module to provide utilities for directed acyclic graphs
Authors: Chunsen Wu Req: Stata version 13.1
Revised: 2018-07-08

FUNNELPERFORM module to produce funnel plot for institutional comparison
Authors: Brent McSharry Req: Stata version 9.1
Revised: 2018-14-18

INTERACTPLOT module to generate plots for interaction terms of multiplicative regressions
Authors: Jan Helmdag Req: Stata version 12 and catplot from SSC (q.v.)
Revised: 2018-06-26

SENDTOSLACK module to send notifications from Stata to your smartphone through Slack
Authors: Jesse Wursten Req: Stata version 8
Revised: 2018-06-26

FCSTATS module to compute time series forecast accuracy statistics
Authors: Christopher F Baum Req: Stata version 13
Revised: 2018-07-14

TABLE1_MC module to create "table 1" of baseline characteristics for a manuscript
Authors: Mark Chatfield Req: Stata version 14.2 (15.1 for docx output)
Revised: 2018-06-30

ASREG module to estimate rolling window regressions. Fama-MacBeth and by(group) regressions
Authors: Attaullah Shah Req: Stata version 11
Revised: 2018-06-26

STPM2_STANDSURV module to obtain standardized survival curves after fitting an stpm2 survival model
Authors: Paul Lambert Req: Stata version 12.2
Revised: 2018-06-19

CLASSTABI module for generating classification statistics and table using summarized data
Authors: Ariel Linden Req: Stata version 11
Revised: 2018-07-15

BOOTTEST module to provide fast execution of the wild bootstrap with null imposed
Authors: David Roodman Req: Stata version 11.2
Revised: 2018-07-08

CONINDEX module to perform estimation of concentration indices
Authors: Owen O'Donnell Stephen O'Neill Tom Van Ourti Brendan Walsh Req: Stata version 11
Revised: 2018-06-19

STNET module to calculate net survival
Authors: Enzo Coviello Paul Dickman Karri Seppa Arun Pokhrel Req: Stata version 11
Revised: 2018-07-15

STPM2 module to estimate flexible parametric survival models
Authors: Paul Lambert Req: Stata version 11
Revised: 2018-07-08

CMP module to implement conditional (recursive) mixed process estimator
Authors: David Roodman Req: Stata version 11 and package ghk2 (q.v.)
Revised: 2018-07-15

RADAR module to draw radar (spider) plots
Authors: Adrian Mander Req: Stata version 11.0
Revised: 2018-08-09

UNIQUE module to report number of unique values in variable(s)
Authors: Tony Brady Req: Stata version 10.1
Revised: 2018-07-15
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