Recent SSC Stata modules

SSC Stata modules
created or revised 2019-07-21 to 2019-08-21

GE_GRAVITY module to solve a simple general equilibrium one sector Armington-CES trade model
Authors: Tom Zylkin Req: Stata version 11.2
Created: 2019-08-04

REGMAIN module to perform Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Regression
Authors: Jonathan Jensen Req: Stata version 12
Created: 2019-07-31

BACONDECOMP module to perform a Bacon decomposition of difference-in-differences estimation
Authors: Andrew Goodman-Bacon Thomas Goldring Austin Nichols Req: Stata version 10.2
Revised: 2019-08-01

ISCOGEN module to translate ISCO codes
Authors: Ben Jann Req: Stata version 11
Revised: 2019-07-30

REPORT module to produce tables for XML
Authors: Adrian Mander Req: Stata version 15.1
Revised: 2019-08-12

PSWEIGHT module to perform IPW- and CBPS-type propensity score reweighting, with various extensions
Authors: Keith Kranker Req: Stata version 15.1
Revised: 2019-08-12

RSCRIPT module to call an R script from Stata
Authors: David Molitor Julian Reif Req: Stata version 12
Revised: 2019-08-04

SCTO module to provide utility functions for data collected using SurveyCTO
Authors: SurveyCTO Req: Stata version 13
Revised: 2019-08-12

PMSAMPSIZE module to calculate the minimum sample size required for developing a multivariable prediction model
Authors: Joie Ensor Req: Stata version 12.1
Revised: 2019-08-04

ELABEL module to extend the label commands
Authors: Daniel Klein Req: Stata version 11.2
Revised: 2019-08-04

SMCLPRES module to create a SMCL presentation from a do file
Authors: Maarten L. Buis Req: Stata version 14
Revised: 2019-08-01

KMATCH module module for multivariate-distance and propensity-score matching, including entropy balancing, inverse probability weighting, (coarsened) exact matching, and regression adjustment
Authors: Ben Jann Req: Stata version 11 and moremata, kdens from SSC (q.v.)
Revised: 2019-07-30

ELTMLE module to provide Ensemble Learning Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Authors: Miguel Angel Luque-Fernandez Req: Stata version 13.2 and R
Revised: 2019-07-30

STPM2CR module to estimate flexible parametric competing risks regression models
Authors: Sarwar Islam Paul Lambert Mark Rutherford Req: Stata version 14.1
Revised: 2019-08-01

MULTISTATE module to perform multi-state survival analysis
Authors: Michael J. Crowther Paul Lambert Req: Stata version 14.2
Revised: 2019-07-30

XDIR module to create a resultsset with one observation per file in a directory
Authors: Roger Newson Req: Stata version 10.0
Revised: 2019-08-12

PSIDTOOLS module to facilitate access to Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID)
Authors: Ulrich Kohler Req: Stata version 13
Revised: 2019-07-22

IVREG2H module to perform instrumental variables estimation using heteroskedasticity-based instruments
Authors: Christopher F Baum Mark E Schaffer Req: Stata version 9 and ivreg2, ranktest from SSC
Revised: 2019-08-18

XBRCSPLINE module to tabulate differences in predicted responses after restricted cubic spline models
Authors: Nicola Orsini Req: Stata version 10.0
Revised: 2019-08-12

CMP module to implement conditional (recursive) mixed process estimator
Authors: David Roodman Req: Stata version 11 and package ghk2 (q.v.)
Revised: 2019-07-30

CLV module to implement a clustering of variables around latent components
Authors: Jean-Benoit Hardouin Req: Stata version 10
Revised: 2019-07-30
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