Recent SSC Stata modules

SSC Stata modules
created or revised 2015-06-30 to 2015-07-30

NB_ADJUST module to identify and adjust outliers of a variable assumed to follow a negative binomial distribution
Authors: Dirk Enzmann Req: Stata version 12.1
Created: 2015-07-29

BREWSCHEME module for generating customized graph scheme files
Authors: Billy Buchanan Req: Stata version 13.1
Created: 2015-07-28

JC module to dynamically load and call Java plugins
Authors: Philipp Cornelius Req: Stata version 13
Created: 2015-07-27

GEOCODEHERE module to provide geocoding relying on Nokia’s Here Maps API
Authors: Simon Hess Req: Stata version 11 and insheetjson from SSC (q.v.)
Created: 2015-07-26

CPREDICT module to produce conditional predictions
Authors: Florian Chavez Juarez Req: Stata version 9.2
Created: 2015-07-25

MICT module to provide Multiple imputation for Categorical Time-series
Authors: Brendan Halpin Req: Stata version 12
Created: 2015-07-25

XTFEIS module to estimate linear Fixed-Effects model with Individual-specific Slopes (FEIS)
Authors: Volker Ludwig Req: Stata version 12
Created: 2015-07-17

BAYESMIXEDLOGITWTP module for Bayesian estimation of mixed logit model in willingness-to-pay (WTP) space
Authors: Matthew Baker Req: Stata version 11.2; moremata, amcmc from SSC (q.v.)
Created: 2015-07-17

MVTNORM module to work with the multivariate normal and multivariate t distributions
Authors: Michael J. Grayling Adrian Mander Req: Stata version 11
Created: 2015-07-17

REGIFE module to estimate linear models with interactive fixed effects
Authors: Matthieu Gomez Req: Stata version 12 and hdfe, reghdfe from SSC (q.v.)
Revised: 2015-07-12

QQCOMPARE module to evaluate balance after matching using quantile-quantile plots
Authors: Sunil Mitra Kumar Req: Stata version 9 and cquantile from SSC (q.v.)
Created: 2015-07-08

RSENS module to perform sensitivity analysis after matching with multiple nearest neighbours
Authors: Sunil Mitra Kumar Req: Stata version 8
Created: 2015-07-08

DATAEX module to generate a properly formatted data example for Statalist
Authors: Robert Picard Nicholas J. Cox Req: Stata version 9.2
Revised: 2015-07-12

MINT module to examine across-groups equivalence of confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) measurement model parameters
Authors: Mehmet Mehmetoglu Req: Stata version 14
Created: 2015-07-03

MIXLOGITWTP module to estimate mixed logit models in WTP space
Authors: Arne Risa Hole Req: Stata version 11.1
Created: 2015-07-03

PSHARE module to compute and graph percentile shares
Authors: Ben Jann Req: Stata version 11 and moremata from SSC (q.v.)
Created: 2015-07-03

SFKK module to estimate endogenous stochastic frontier models in the style of Karakaplan and Kutlu
Authors: Mustafa Ugur Karakaplan Req: Stata version 13.1 and estout from SSC (q.v.)
Revised: 2015-07-04

CLUSTSE module to estimate the statistical significance of parameters when the data is clustered with a small number of clusters
Authors: Andrew Menger Req: Stata version 9, clusterbs and estout from SSC (q.v.)
Revised: 2015-07-12

CLUSTERBS module to perform a pairs symmetric cluster bootstrap-t procedure
Authors: Andrew Menger Req: Stata version 9 and estout from SSC (q.v.)
Revised: 2015-07-25

IPDPOWER module to perform simulation based power calculations for mixed effects modelling
Authors: Evangelos Kontopantelis Req: Stata version 12
Revised: 2015-07-12

REPEST module to run estimations with weighted replicate samples and plausible values
Authors: Francesco Avvisati François Keslair Req: Stata version 11
Revised: 2015-07-27

SWITCHOPROBITSIM module to estimate a switching regression for a binary endogenous treatment and ordered outcome using a latent factor structure
Authors: Christian Gregory Req: Stata version 10
Revised: 2015-07-25

CQUAD module to perform conditional maximum likelihood estimation of quadratic exponential models
Authors: Francesco Bartolucci Req: Stata version 11
Revised: 2015-07-25

REGHDFE module to perform linear or instrumental-variable regression absorbing any number of high-dimensional fixed effects
Authors: Sergio Correia Req: Stata version 11.2
Revised: 2015-07-25

IPDMETAN module for performing two-stage IPD meta-analysis
Authors: David Fisher Req: Stata version 10
Revised: 2015-07-03

WEAKIVTEST module to perform weak instrument test for a single endogenous regressor in TSLS and LIML
Authors: Carolin E. Pflueger Su Wang Req: Stata version 10 and avar from SSC (q.v.)
Revised: 2015-07-17

TWOFOLD module to perform multiple imputation using the two-fold fully conditional specification algorithm to impute missing values in longitudinal data
Authors: Cathy Welch Req: Stata version 12
Revised: 2015-07-17

AVAR module to perform asymptotic covariance estimation for iid and non-iid data robust to heteroskedasticity, autocorrelation, 1- and 2-way clustering, and common cross-panel autocorrelated disturbances
Authors: Christopher F Baum Mark E Schaffer Req: Stata version 11.2 (version 9.2 for avar9)
Revised: 2015-07-30

CEQ module to carry out Commitment to Equity (CEQ) fiscal incidence analysis
Authors: Rodrigo Aranda Sean Higgins Req: Stata version 13
Revised: 2015-07-25

REGSAVE module to save regression results to a Stata-formatted dataset
Authors: Julian Reif Req: Stata version 8
Revised: 2015-07-08

FIRTHLOGIT module to calculate bias reduction in logistic regression
Authors: Joseph Coveney Req: Stata version 13.1
Revised: 2015-07-25

CMP module to implement conditional (recursive) mixed process estimator
Authors: David Roodman Req: Stata version 10.1 and package ghk2 (q.v.); version 11 to use factor variables
Revised: 2015-07-17

MVTOBIT module to calculate multivariate tobit models by simulated maximum likelihood (SML)
Authors: Mikkel Barslund Req: Stata version 8.2
Revised: 2015-07-03

SHP2DTA module to converts shape boundary files to Stata datasets
Authors: Kevin Crow Req: Stata version 9.1
Revised: 2015-07-17

FREDUSE module to Import FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Database) data
Authors: David M. Drukker Req: Stata version 9.1
Revised: 2015-07-08

IVREG2 module for extended instrumental variables/2SLS and GMM estimation
Authors: Christopher F Baum Mark E Schaffer Steven Stillman Req: Stata version 11.2 and ranktest from SSC
Revised: 2015-07-30

OUTREG module to write estimation tables to a Word or TeX file
Authors: John Luke Gallup Req: Stata version 10.1
Revised: 2015-07-17

TAB_CHI modules for tabulation of multiple variables in Stata 8.2 or better
Authors: Nicholas J. Cox Req: Stata version 8.2 (7.0 for tabm, 6.0 for chitest6, chitesti6, tabchi, tabchii, tabsort, tabsplit)
Revised: 2015-07-27
End of recent additions and updates