Recent SSC Stata modules

SSC Stata modules
created or revised 2021-03-10 to 2021-04-10

ROBUSTATE module for estimation and inference for the average treatment effect (ATE) robustly against the limited overlap
Authors: Yuya Sasaki Takuya Ura Req: Stata version 14.2
Created: 2021-04-06

_GWMEAN module to compute optionally weighted means
Authors: Gueorgui I. Kolev Req: Stata version 11
Created: 2021-03-31

MULTIVRS module to conduct multiverse analysis
Authors: Cristobal Young Katherine Holsteen Req: Stata version 12.1 and moremata, valuesof from SSC (q.v.)
Created: 2021-03-27

HETSAR module to estimate spatial autoregressive models with heterogeneous coefficients
Authors: Federico Belotti Req: Stata version 15
Created: 2021-03-25

ODKEXPORT module to export xlsForms to readable docx or xlsx files
Authors: Anna Reuter Req: Stata version 15
Created: 2021-03-21

MYAXIS module to reorder categorical variable by specified sort criterion
Authors: Nicholas J. Cox Req: Stata version 8.2
Created: 2021-03-19

XFRAMEAPPEND module to append data frames to the end of the current data frame
Authors: Roger Newson Req: Stata version 16
Created: 2021-03-16

CIRCULARKDE module to perform kernel density estimation for circular data
Authors: Isaias Hazarmabeth Salgado-Ugarte Verónica Mitsui Saito-Quezada Marco Aurelio Pérez-Hernández Req: Stata version 11
Created: 2021-03-12

INLIST2 module to create an inlist() dummy, without the inlist() limitations
Authors: Matteo Pinna Req: Stata version 12.1
Revised: 2021-03-11

SONGBL module to search and share Stata resources and blogs
Authors: Song Bolin Req: Stata version 16 and the ability to read Chinese
Revised: 2021-03-16

QREGPLOT module for plotting coefficients of a Quantile Regression
Authors: Fernando Rios-Avila Req: Stata version 11
Revised: 2021-03-19

EEFANALYTICS module for Evaluating Educational Interventions using Randomised Controlled Trial Designs
Authors: Dimitris Vallis Akansha Singh Germaine Uwimpuhwe Steve Higgins ZhiMin Xiao Ewoud De Troyer Adetayo Kasim Req: Stata version 16
Revised: 2021-04-04

XTITSA module for performing interrupted time-series analysis for panel data
Authors: Ariel Linden Req: Stata version 11
Revised: 2021-03-23

RIOC module to compute Relative improvement over chance (RIOC)
Authors: Daniel Klein Req: Stata version 11.2
Revised: 2021-03-13

STMT module to model multiple timescales using flexible parametric survival models on the log-hazard scale
Authors: Hannah Bower Therese M-L Andersson Michael J. Crowther Paul Lambert Req: Stata version 13.1
Revised: 2021-03-23

KINKYREG module to perform kinky least squares estimation and inference
Authors: Sebastian Kripfganz Jan F. Kiviet Req: Stata version 13
Revised: 2021-03-16

IVDESC module to profile compliers and non-compliers for instrumental variable analysis
Authors: Moritz Marbach Req: Stata version 12 and estout from SSC (q.v.)
Revised: 2021-03-19

RWRMED module for performing causal mediation analysis using regression-with-residuals
Authors: Ariel Linden Chuck Huber Geoffrey T. Wodtke Req: Stata version 14
Revised: 2021-04-03

CENSUSAPI module to download Census data through the Census API
Authors: Jesse Wursten Req: Stata version 12
Revised: 2021-04-02

RFOREST module to implement Random Forest algorithm
Authors: Rosie Yuyan Zou Matthias Schonlau Req: Stata version 15
Revised: 2021-03-23

PLZTOWKNR module to translate German zip codes into electoral districts
Authors: Konstantin Glinitzer Tobias Gummer Malte Kaukal Joss Roßmann Req: Stata version 14
Revised: 2021-03-19

BOOTTEST module to provide fast execution of the wild bootstrap with null imposed
Authors: David Roodman Req: Stata version 13
Revised: 2021-03-28

ITSA module to perform interrupted time series analysis for single and multiple groups
Authors: Ariel Linden Req: Stata version 11
Revised: 2021-03-23

VALCUOFON module for downloading daily share values and assets balances of Chile's unemployment insurance funds and pension system
Authors: George Vega Yon Req: Stata version 9
Revised: 2021-04-06

CEQ module to carry out Commitment to Equity (CEQ) fiscal incidence analysis
Authors: Sean Higgins Rodrigo Aranda Ruoxi Li Req: Stata version 13
Revised: 2021-03-25

CMP module to implement conditional (recursive) mixed process estimator
Authors: David Roodman Req: Stata version 11 and package ghk2 (q.v.)
Revised: 2021-03-25

BKROSENBLATT module for Blum, Kiefer and Rosenblatt test of bivariate independence
Authors: Nicholas J. Cox Req: Stata version 9.2
Revised: 2021-03-14

NBERCYCLES module to generate graph command (and optionally graph) timeseries vs. NBER recession dating
Authors: Christopher F Baum Req: Stata version 9.2
Revised: 2021-03-14

BATPLOT module to produce Bland-Altman plots accounting for trend
Authors: Adrian Mander Req: Stata version 16.1
Revised: 2021-03-23

DESCSAVE module to export data set and machine-readable codebook
Authors: Roger Newson Req: Stata version 16.0
Revised: 2021-03-11
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