Dates refer to SSC Archive releases.

estout.ado (3.19)
- estout now supports Unicode in Stata 14
esttab.ado (2.0.8)
- added option -[no]float- to suppress/enforce table float environment in LaTeX

estout.ado (3.18)
- cell contents longer than 245 characters was chopped off by -file write- when 
  writing the table cells; this is fixed
- computation of p-values and CIs from -mi- failed for coefficients for which 
  e(df_mi) was missing; this is fixed (using normal approximation)
esttab.ado (2.0.7)
- added option fonttbl() to set font table in RTF

estout.ado (3.17)
- estout now compiles labels for levels of factor variables and interactions
- new option -interaction()- to specify delimiter for interactions
- new options -[no]omitted- and -[no]baselevels- to specify whether 
  omitted coefficients and base levels are included; the default is
  to include these coefficients
- the "o." and "b." flags are now removed from coefficient names
- estout no longer returns error if models use different base levels
esttab.ado (2.0.6)
- defaults for interaction() added
- entries for -omitted-, -baselevels- and -interaction- added

- clarified that explicit output format option will override format inferred 
  from file suffix
estout.ado (3.16)
- estout now picks up e(df_mi) for the computation of confidence intervals and 
  p-values after -mi estimate, post-
- estout crashed on models with equation names containing "."; this is fixed
- estout now works on Small Stata
- estout no longer breaks on wide rtf tables
estadd (2.3.3)
- the -outcome()- and -split- options in -estadd prchange- did no longer work; 
  this is fixed
estpost (1.1.6)
- -estpost correlate- did not work in Stata 8; this is fixed

estadd (2.3.1)
- -estadd margins- added
- -adapt- option of -estadd listcoef- discontinued
estpost (1.1.5)
- -estpost margins- added
- -estpost svy: tab- now correctly returns the subpopulation number of
   observations in e(obs) if -subpop()- is specified.

estout (3.13):
- estout no longer chokes on factor variables in Stata 11

estpost (1.1.3):
- -estpost tabstat- now allows -columns(stats)-

estadd (2.2.8):
- support for -prvalue- and -asprvalue- from SPost added
- -estadd prchange- now adds outcome-specific results and average results
  by default; new -avg- option to store only average result and -noavg- to
  omit the average results; -adapt- option that was used in earlier
  versions to add the outcome-specific results discontinued

estout (3.12):
- "z" can now be used as a synonym for "t" in cells()
- cells(t(abs)) returned error; this is fixed
esttab (2.0.5):
- option -z[(fmt)]- added (z statistics)
estadd (2.2.4):
- improved formulas for coxsnell and nagelkerke (old formulas likely returned
  1 in large datasets)
estpost (1.1.2):
- -estpost tabstat- displayed wrong results (in each column the results
  from the last column were displayed; returned results were not affected);
  this is fixed

estpost (1.1.1):
- -estpost tabstat, statistics(semean)- crashed in some situations; this is
  fixed (thanks to Matthew Fiedler for reporting the bug)
- -estpost tabstat- now uses label "semean" instead of "se(mean)"
- -estpost tabstat- could crash if variables or statistics were repeated;
  this is fixed

esttab (2.0.4)
- -longtable- option added

estout (3.11):
- -order()- now adds extra table rows for elements not found in the table
- r(coefs) now respects -order()-, -keep()-, and -drop()-

estout (3.10):
- missing values (except .y and .z) in table cells are now treated like
  any other values
estadd (2.2.3):
- -estadd local- returned error if the specified string contained
  certain special characters; this is fixed
estpost (1.1.0):
- support for -svy: tabulate- added
- string variables are now allowed with -estpost tabulate-
- -estpost tabulate- returned a wrong e(sample) in some situations; this is

estout (3.09):
- options in estout.hlp are now fully linked
- no longer wrapper for -estimates table-; now incorporates code from
  est_table.ado; still uses "undocumented" -mat_capp-
  => can now tabulate models that do not contain any coefs (e.g. stcox
     without predictors)
  => name space for coefficients is no longer restricted to names in e(b)
  => can now tabulate estimates without e(b) or e(V) (e.g. -factor-)
  => rule for merging e()-vectors: coefficients from e()'s without
     equations are merged into existing equations (without expanding the
     name space) if at least one e() does not contain equation "_" and
     no e() contains equation "_" along with other equations (and e(b)
     does not contain equation "_"); else: match by equation and expand
     name space if necessary
  => returns results in r() (r(coefs), r(stats), r(cmdline), etc.)
  => new rename() option to rename/match coefficients
  => el[#] and el[rowname] or el["rowname"] now possible to choose row of
     e(el) to be tabulated (support for el_# syntax discontinued)
  => cells(): new -transpose- suboption in -cells()-
  => new 'var' element (variance) available in -cells()-
  => existing e(se), e(var), e(t), e(p), e(ci_l), e(ci_u) now take precedence
     over internal computations (unless -margin- applies to model)
- -estout matrix()-, -estout e()-, and -estout r()- now available to tabulate
  a matrix
- new eqlabels(,merge) option => merge eqlabel into varlabel
- mutiple values may now be specified in modelwidth()
- cells(): parentheses can now be used to bind statistics in a row
- -nolabel- option in refcat() added
- an individual model can now be included multiple times in a table
- now uses abs() in formula to derive SEs of transformed coefficients
- now adds e(cmd)="." to current estimates if undefined (so that results
  without e(cmd) can be tabulated)
- no longer error if all coefs dropped
- fmt() can now be abbreviated as f()
- "\\" was not preserved in model titles taken from label of depvar; this
  is fixed
- @rtfrowdef now generally available (undocumented)
- fixed parsing of -cells- from defaults files
- fixed bug related to cells(ci(star))
- @modelwidth variable now available in par() suboption in cells()
- repeated elements in cells() now have their own set of suboptions
- coefficients containing blanks now allowed
- fixed alignment bug related to statistics with stars and pattern()
- in wide mode, empty columns in equations (due to keep/drop cell-subopts)
  are now suppressed
esttab (2.0.3)
 - -esttab matrix()-, -esttab e()-, and -esttab r()- now supported
 - no longer returns r(estout) since -estout- now returns r(cmdline)
 - -note()- now replaces the standard note
 - @starlegend is no longer default if user specifies -cells()-
 - -gaps- is no longer default if user specifies -cells()-
eststo (1.1.0)
 - new -prefix()- option
estadd (2.2.2)
- support for -prvalue- and -asprvalue- from SPost added (not documented yet)
- -estadd prchange- returns results differently; -add(all)- no longer
  supported; -add()- renamed to -pattern()-; type of main results now
  returned in e(pattern)
- now allows break key in subroutines
estpost (1.0.0)
 - new -estpost- command added to package

estout (2.86)
- user parameter statistics in cells() were suppressed under some
  circumstances if the -equations()- option was specified. This is fixed.
eststo (1.0.9)
- the -nocopy- option did not work. This is fixed.
- parsing in -addscalars()- has been improved (now binds parentheses/brackets
  and allows quotes)
- the -noesample- option returned error if a variable with the same name
  as the estimation set existed in the dataset. This is fixed.

estout (2.85)
- output is now suppressed if -using- is specified
- new -[no]outfilenoteoff- option (undocumented)
- -style(smcl)- is now default unless -using- is specified
- new -[no]smclrules-, -[no]smclmidrules-, -[no]smcleqrule- options
- new -note()- option (works like -title()-)
- model label row is now suppressed if only the active (unstored) model
  is tabulated
- -varlist()- now takes precedence over the labels generated
  by -eqlabels(none)-
- bug fixed related to the -vacant()- and -unstack-
- -se- was sometimes printed as "0" and sometimes as "." if the variance was
  zero; it is now always printed as "."
esttab (1.4.0)
- user provided significance symbols (-star()-) are now formatted
  depending on mode
- -addnotes()- is now printed before -legend-; -note()- added
eststo (1.0.7)
- -eststo drop- now allows wildcards
- -eststo dir- now shows list of stored estimates
estadd (2.1.4)
- new -quietly- option
- SPost subcommands added (-fitstat-, -listcoef-, -prchange-, -brant-,
  and -mlogtest-)
- -estadd- now passes through the caller version
- lists of added results are now printed (unless colon syntax is used)
- output was not suppressed in colon syntax if only one name was
  specified; this is fixed

esttab (1.3.8)
- -title()- and @hline were printed on the same line in -fixed- mode;
  this is fixed

estout (2.79)
- "&" can now be used in -cells()- to join parameter statistics together
  in one cell
- repetitions of elements in -cells()- are now possible
- "." can be used in -cells()- to insert empty cells
- -fmt()- now allows "%g" and "g" for "%9.0g" and "a" for "a3"; invalid
  formats (i.e. if not starting with "%") now return error
- e()-matrices with multiple rows can now be addressed using name_# in
- new -topfile()- and -bottomfile()- options
- new -labcol2()- option
- bug related to -extracols()- and -mgroups()- fixed
- -abbrev- does no longer erase "." anymore
esttab (1.3.7)
- new -oncell- option
estadd (2.1.0)
- -estadd matrix- now also accepts matrix expressions
  (e.g. estadd matrix M = A*2)
- -estadd matrix- can now be used as -estadd matrix matname- or
  -estadd matrix r(matname)- (adds e(matname))
- -estadd scalar- can now be used as -estadd scalar scalarname- or
  -estadd scalar r(scalarname)- (adds e(scalarname))
- -estadd r(name)- now adds, depending on the nature of r(name), scalar or
   matrix e(name)
- -copy- option in -estadd matrix- discontinued
- "invalid subcommand" error message added
eststo (1.0.6)
- now sets e(cmd) to "." if undefined

estout (2.73)
- the -relax- suboption in options such as -drop()-, -keep()-, etc. is now
- -mlabels()- now has a -[no]title- option
- -eqlabels("",none)- did not work as advertised; this is fixed
- the -none- label suboption can now be specified without comma
  (e.g. -eqlabels(none)- instead of -eqlabels(,none)-)
- new options: -starkeep()-, -stardrop()-
- the text specified in -prehead()- etc. and in the -begin()- and -end()-
  label suboptions is now printed on a single line if it does not contain
  double quotes
- tab characters in defaults files are now allowed
- empty table rows did not display correctly in older RTF readers; this is
esttab (1.3.5)
- -mtitles[()]- now uses estimates titles (if defined) even if -label-
  is not specified
- -addnotes()- now prints just one line if the string does not contains
  double quotes
eststo (1.0.5), _eststo(1.0.3)
- the caller version is now passed through
estadd (2.0.8)
- most functions now support variables with time-series operators

estout (2.70)
- inclusion of string e()-macros is now possible in the -stats()- option
- Stata 10 uses "e(estimates_title)" instead of "e(_estimates_title)"; this
  is now recognized
- -elist()- and -blist()- in -varlabels()- can now write multiple lines
- some bugs fixed
esttab (1.3.4)
- -cells(none)- now produces better tables
- not all -estout- options were always passed through correctly; this is

esttab (1.3.2)
- bug fixed related to equation lines in -fixed- mode
- the -plain- option does not suppress the column labels anymore

estout (2.64)
- "too many literals" bug fixed
- new -wrap- option
- the -stats()- option now has a -layout()- and a -pchar()- suboption
- first element in -cells()- now sets the default display format (in earlier
  versions, the default format was set by the -b- element)
- the -nofirst- and -nolast- suboptions in -varlabels()- now apply
- new @rtfrowdefbrdrt and @rtfrowdefbrdrb variables (undocumented)
- the label_subopts -elist()-, -blist()-, -begin()-, -end()- now also support
  the @M, @E, @width, @hline, and @rtfemptyrow (undocumented) variables
- new -[no]first- label_subopt
- new -replace- label_subopt to overwrite -begin()- and -end()-
esttab (1.3.0)
- -esta- renamed to -esttab-
- lines between equations are now supported; new -noeqlines- option
eststo (1.0.4)
- -esto- renamed to -eststo-

estout (2.58)
- robust parsing of cells() if there are spaced between elements and their
- new -cells()- suboption called -pvalue()-
esto (1.0.3)
- -by- prefix command now supported
- new -missing- option to be used with by prefix

estout (2.56)
- bug fixed related to -cells(..(drop()))- with -unstack-
- new elements for -cells()- called -_star-, -_sign-, and -_sigsign-
- bug fixed related to -transform()-
- new -[no]asis- option (undocumented)
- new -[no]smcltags- option (undocumented)
- -style(smcl)- now includes horizontal lines
- new -cells()- suboption called -vacant()-
- -prefix()- and -suffix()- in -varlabels() now also applies to
  -refcat()- and -indicate()-
- bug fixed related to spaces in -mlogit- equations
esta (1.2.6)
- improved smcl mode
- LaTeX column specifiers are now compiled if -cells()- is
  specified (-stardetach- not supported)
- column labels are now printed if -cells()- is specified
estadd (2.0.6)
- e(_estimates_name) is now backed up in e(_estadd_estimates_name) while
  working on the estimates set

estout (2.50)
- new @width variable
- prefix() and suffix() are now added to labels *after* abbreviation
esta (1.2.4)
- new -smcl- mode; -smcl- is the new default
- bug fixed related to leading spaces in labels in -scalars()- labels
  (length of the labels is now restricted to 80 or 244, depending on
  Stata flavor)

estout (2.49)
- new -dropped()- option
- ** was used instead of *** for p<0.001 in -rtf- mode; this is fixed

estout, estadd, esta, and esto are one package now
estout (2.48)
- rtf support added (undocumented: @rftrowdef and @rtfrowdefbrdr in
  begin(); @rftemptyrow in varlabels(,end()))
- drop()/keep()/order() etc. now have a -relax- option (undocumented)
- -starlevels()- now has -label()- and -delimiter()- suboptions
esta (1.2.0)
- -append- implemented for -tex-, -rft-, and -html-
- improved -rtf- compatibility
- -page(packages)- now adds "\usepackage{packages}" to LaTeX documents
- -csv- mode now uses comma; new -scsv- mode (semi-colon separated)
- default file extensions implemented (.txt, .csv, .rtf, .tex)
- italics implemented for -rft-, -tex-, -html- in labels such as "R^2"
- bug fixed related dropping constant (usage of -drop(_cons, relax)-)
- symbols and thresholds may now be specified in -stars()-
estadd (2.0.5)
- r()'s are now always restored
- bug fixed related to e(_estimates_name)
- estadd now also works if current estimates do not contain e(cmd) or,
  in fact, are completely empty

estout (2.45)
- usage of * and ? wildcards in -drop()-, -keep()-, etc. now independent
  from the variable names in the active dataset
- * and ? wildcards now allowed in equation names in -drop()-, -keep()-, etc.
- bug fixed related to @hline>400
esta (1.1.4)
- new -rtf- mode
- bug fixed related to -nodepvar- in -tex- mode
- r(cmd) renamed to r(estout)
- -nogaps- now default for -not-
- bug fixed related to notes
- new -main()- option
esto (1.0.1)
- does not drop e(sample) by default
- new -_esto- command
estadd (2.0.2)
- bug fixed related to "GetRidof_estimates_name"
- new -lrtest- subcommand

estout (2.43)
- bug fixed related to -eqlabels()- and -mlabels()-, if less labels than
  equations/models were specified
- -est tab ..., equations(main=1)- is now used if models have
  different first equations (unless -unstack- or -equations()- is
- new -transform()- option
- new -refcat()- option
- new -indicate()- option
- bug fixed related to -noabbrev- in -style(fixed)-

estout (2.37)
- new -order()- option; -keep()- does not change order
- * and ? wildcards now allowed in -keep()-, -drop()-, etc.
- new -extracols()- option
- $esto is only used if the inicated estimates are available
- bug fixed related to column delimiter in -style(fixed)-
- bug fixed related to repeated equations
- "equation:_cons" is now replaced with equation label if
  -eqlabels(,none)- is specified and "_cons" is only parameter in equation
esta (1.1.0)
- new -width()- option
- note "(output written to ...)" added
- -notype- is now default if -using- is specified
- new -align()- option
- new -fragment- option
- new -noisily- option
- new -csv-, -tex-, -tab-, -html-, and -booktabs- options
- file suffix now determines mode

estout (2.35)
- -tab-, -fixed-, -tex-, -html- now internal styles; -estout_mystyle.def-
- "estoutdef.ado" deleted from package
- *.style renamed back to *.def
- @E variable added (total number of equations)
- bug fixed related to abbreviation and -numbers-
- @span now supported in label_subopts -begin()- and -end()-

estout (2.31)
- changed default value for -discrete()-
- e(sample) is now fixed if observations have been added to dataset
- labels_subopts -end()- und -begin()- now feature multi-line strings
- new -numbers- option
- new -a#- display format (adaptive format)
- new -#- display format (fixed format)
- -varwidth()- now depends on -labels- with -style(fixed)-
- global macro -$esto- now recognized
- *.def renamed to *.style
estadd (2.0.0)
- new syntax: -estadd subcommand, opts: estimates-
- subcommands now included in "estadd.ado"
- new -local-, -matrix-, and -scalar- subcommands
- -estadd_plus- package now incorporated into -estadd-
esta (1.0.0) released on SSC
esto (1.0.0) released on SSC

estout (2.21)
- new @hline variable and -hlinechar()- option

- bug fixed related to Stata 9.1 and e(estimates_title)

estout (2.18)
- internal default values added
- bugs fixed related to the 503 character limit of the -:word of-

- subcommands are now named "estadd_subcmd" (old: "_estadd_subcmd")
- now also applies to the stored copy of the active estimates in any case

- equation name now allowed in -varlabels()
- speed improvements
estadd (1.0.5)
- estadd is separate package now
- new simplified alternative syntax for use with active estimates
- new -replace- option; changed default: overwriting not permitted
- all subcommands as separate ado files
- new subcommand called  -pcorr-

estadd (1.0.3)
- support for e(subpop) added
- estadd_plus released on SSC; contains -summ-, -vif-, -ebsd-, -coxsnell-,
  and -nagelkerke- subcommands

estout (2.15)
- new introductory "estout_intro.hlp"

estout (2.15)
- invalid suboptions in -cells()- now cause error

estout (2.14)
- improved handling of labels for time-series variables

estadd (1.0.2)
- new -summ- subcommand

estout (2.13)
- new naming convention for defaults files
- new "fixed" style
- new -style()- option; replaces -defaults()-
- multiple formats may now be specified for parameter statistics
- last format in -stats(,fmt())- is now used for remaining stats
- "(dropped)" was not displayed with all models; fixed
- empty "significance symbols" now possible
- valid range for starlevels now (0,1]
- new estadd command; support for subcommands canceled
- -stdev- subcommand renamed to -sd-

estout (2.05)
- bug fixed related to drop()/keep() in -cells()- and -unstack-
- support for -mfx- with multiple equation models; new meqs() option

estout (2.04)
- new -mgroups()- option
- new -blist()-/-elist()- suboptions in -varlabels()-
- new -substitute()- option
- bug fixed related to typing special characters
- support for -mfx- added (single equation models only)
- bug fixed related to model labels
- // and /// comments now supported in defaults files
- new -erpeat()- suboption in mlabels(), eqlabels(), and collabels()

estout (2.00)
- new syntax: -cells()- now determines the table contents
- new -beta-, -mean-, and -stddev- subcommands
- confidence intervals
- summary statistics for each equation in -reg3-, -sureg-, and -mvreg-
  (if -unstack- specified)
- new -varlabels()- and -mlabels()- options
- labels_subopts: prefix()/suffix(), begin()/end(), none
- -unstack- equations
- overall-p-value
- introduction of @variables
- introduction of defaults files
- new -dmarker()- , -msign()-, and -nolz- options
- ... and many other changes
estout v1 now available as estout1

estout (1.02) released on SSC